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All music for the Mulato Collective CD was recorded in the Green Audiovisuals Studio on Curacao. The recordings were done between 2010 and 2012 and mastered by Orcar Bor.

Mulato wants to thank everyone that supported the project. A special thanks goes out to The people behind Curacao North Sea Jazz, Ole Ole Cafe and Green Media.

With this CD release we want to establish a new music stream called Ethnic Soul. The music is best described as World Music.

Lead vocals: Tony Worrel, Background vocals: Roy Cadogan/Tamara Morales/Angela Vergouwen/Josephine Rojer, Percussion: Pernell Saturnino, Bass1: Pierre Dunker, Bass2: Yerman Aponte, Guitar: Jean Jacques Rojer, Drums: Ralph Durgaram, Trompet: Igort Rivas, Trombone: Miguelito Valdes, Gedion Chandler, Sax: Dean McCarthy.

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